Combinatorial group

Current members of the group

Ankush Acharyya

My research interests lie broadly in Advanced Data Structures, Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Approximation Algorithms. Recently, I am working in Terrain Visibility problems and Problems with Imprecision, for the project titled "Structural properties of visibility in terrains and farthest color Voronoi diagrams".

Pedro Campos Araújo

My research focuses on extremal and probabilistic combinatorics. In particular, I am interested in the study of Ramsey Theory, random graphs, pseudo-random structures and tree embeddings. There has been a drift of my studies towards subjects with deeper probabilistic roots as I study different models of random graphs.

Akbar Davoodi

I have a wide range of research interests, mainly in the areas of extremal and probabilistic combinatorics. In particular, I am interested in extremal graph theory, graph colorings, graph decompositions, large networks, Ramsey theory, hypergraphs, clustering and community detection.

Jan Hladký

Jan obtained his PhD from the University of Warwick in 2011 under the supervision of Artur Czumaj and from Charles University in 2013 under the supervision of Dan Kral. Jan's research focuses on extremal graph theory, random discrete structures, and graph limits. His most important projects include progress on the Loebl-Komlos-Sos Conjecture, Caccetta-Haggkvist Conjecture, and the Tree Packing Conjecture.

Vahideh Keikha

My main research area is in Computational Geometry. I am particularly interested in problems involving data uncertainty, approximation algorithms, data structures, and random algorithms. I have joined the project "Structural properties of visibility in terrains and farthest color Voronoi diagrams" and, I have also become interested in graph drawing and many related problems.

Diana Piguet

Diana's research interests lie in extremal graph theory, Ramsey theory, probabilistic method, and limits of graphs. In particular together with Komlós, Hladký, Simonovits, Stein, and Szemerédi, she used a generalisation of the regularity lemma to sparse graphs to assymptotically solve a cojecture of Loebl, Komlós and Sós on trees. Together with Böttcher, Hladký and Taraz, she used the Rödl nibble method to make significant progress on a conjecture of Gyárfás about packing trees.

Hanka Řada

I am a Ph. D. student at FNSPE, CTU in Prague and my research topi there are the multidimensional continued fraction. This topic is strongly connected with combinatroics on words and number theory. I am also very interested in graph theory and I am now participating on a project which includes research about embedding trees in host graphs.

Nicolás Sanhueza

My research interests lie in the field of combinatorics and graph theory, mostly in extremal graph and hypergraph theory. I have studied Turán, Ramsey and embedding problems of tight cycles and paths in hypergraphs.

Maria Saumell

My main research areas area Computational Geometry and Graph Drawing, with an emphasis on proximity graphs and Voronoi diagrams, visibility and interval graphs. Recently I have also become interested in Extremal Graph Theory and I have started to work on problems involving graph tilings and graph limits.

Matas Šileikis

My main interests are random discrete structures and tail probability inequalities. I have contributed to progress on the Kim-Vu Sandwich Conjecture (and its extension to random hypergraphs) and the Upper Tail Problem for subgraph counts in the random graph G(n,p). Moreover, I have applied results of extremal hypergraph theory to obtain some optimal tail inequalities for sums of independent random variables.

Past Members