Extremal graph theory group

The Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences offers one student stipend within the project Extremal graph theory and applications supported by the Czech Science Foundation. The value and the duration of the stipend are negotiable. BSc, MSc, and PhD students (either perspective or already enrolled) of Czech universities are eligible.

We are looking for enthusiastic students who are interested in doing a research project with the team members. The group is recognized internationally and has vivid collaborations with research institutions abroad. Shorter or longer research stays are a possibility.

Due to the existing arrangements of the Czech Academy of Sciences with Czech universities, such projects may result in a bachelor/master/PhD thesis.

Our research focuses on the following areas:

Extremal graph theory

In the past four decades, extremal graph has been a fast developing branch of graph theory. Our research concerns mostly on Turan-type problems, and methods connected to the Szemeredi regularity lemma. All the team members are working on these problems.

Graph limits

This is a new and extremely influential direction at the border of graph theory, analysis and probability theory, with applications in theoretical computer science. Since the area is new, there is a good chance of working on problems that will later become classics. Strong general mathematical background is certainly more important than narrow specialization in combinatorics for anyone working in the field. Jan Hladky, Tereza Klimosova, and Diana Piguet are currently working on problems related to graph limits.

Random graphs

The classical Erdos-Renyi random graph has been one of the most studied random discrete structure since the 1960's. In our focus are "inhomogeneous" random graphs. These are variants of the Erdos-Renyi random graph whose importance emerged with the theory of graph limits. Again, this is a new field with plenty of basic (and important) problems still open. Jan Hladky is currently working on problems related to inhomogeneous random graphs.
Particular research projects can be discussed individually. Please, contact us, if interested. The position is open until filled.