Combinatorial group


15-16.11.2017: Tuan Tran visiting

7-10.9.2017: research visit to University of Rostock (C.P.)

1.9.2017-30.10.2017: Jonathan Noel visiting

25-29.9.2017: Maryam Sharifzadeh visiting

1.9.2017: talk at conference: Spectral Bisection with Two Eigenvectors (I.R.)

29.8.2017: talk at conference: A median-type condition for graph tiling (D.P.)

28.8-1.9.2017: Eurocomb 2017 (D.P., I.R.)

31.7-4.8.2017:Midsummer combinatorial workshop (I.R.)

24-28.7.2017: Urban Larsson visiting

22-27.7.2017: Gal Kronenberg visiting

19.7.2017: summer school talk "Large sum-free sets of integers" (T.T.)

17-21.7.2017: Summer school "Novi Sad Workshop on Foundations of Computer Science" (T.T.)

11.7.2017: workshop talk at 21. SEG Workshop, Chemnitz: Graphons counterparts of chromatic and clique number (I.R.)

11-14.7.2017: research visit at TU Chemnitz (I.R.)

2.6.2017: talk at conference: A median-type condition for graph tiling (M.S.)

29.5-2.6.2017: 52. Cesko-slovenska konference o kombinatorice a teorii grafu (M.S.)

22-27.5.2017: Summer school "Techniques in Random Discrete Structures (T.T.)

2-5.5.2017: Sebatian Richter visiting

26-31.3.2017: workshop on Analytic combinatorics "Zámeček" at Hlohovec (D.P.), support of the organisers gratefully aknowleged

30.3.2017: seminar at "Zámeček" workshop: Tiling in graphons (D.P.)

20-22.2.2017: Olaf Parczyk visiting

19-22.1.2017: research visit to FU Berlin (T.T.)

Events in italic were (partially) financed by Czech Science Foundation junior project Extremal Graph Theory and Applications