Combinatorial group


25.11-9.12.2016: research visit at University of Tel Aviv (J.H., T.T.), partial support by AV ČR gratefully acknowledged

4.12.2016: seminar at Tel-Aviv University: Erdos-Ko-Rado: structure and supersaturation (T.T.)

27.11.2016: seminar at Tel-Aviv University: Cliques in inhomogeneous random graphs (J.H.)

3-8.11.2016: Shagnik Das visiting

24-28.10.2016: Peter Allen visiting

24.9-7.10.2016: research visit at LSE (D.P.), partial support by LSE gratefully acknowledged

2.9-18.9.2016: Jordan Venters visiting

5-11.9.2016: research visit to FU Berlin (T.T.)

20.8-3.9.2016: research visit to Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics (J.H.) First part of the stay is funded by Marie Curie IF PaECiDM

8-19.8.2016: Julia Böttcher and Peter Allen visiting

1-5.8.2016: participation in the Prague School on discrete mathematics (T.T.)

23-28.7.2016: participation in the conference The Mathematics of Jiri Matousek (T.T.)

14-17.7.2016: research visit to FU Berlin (T.T.)

3-15.7.2016: research visit at the Renyi institute (D.P.), partial support by Renyi Institute gratefully aknowledged

27-28.6.2016: Agnes Backhausz visiting

23-27.5.2016: Probabilistic and extremal combinatorics (D.P., T.T.)

19.5.2016: seminar at FU Berlin: Structure and supersturation for intersecting families (T.T)

12-20.5.2016: Research visit at FU Berlin (T.T.)

20-29.4.2016: Hong Liu visiting

13.4.-16.4. 2016: Horinzonts of Combinatorics (D.P.)

25.2.2016: seminar at LSE: Tilings in graphons (D.P.)

21.2.-27.2. 2016: research visit at LSE (D.P.), partial support by LSE gratefully acknowledged

11-12.2.2016 Tuan Tran visiting

Events in italic were (partially) financed by Czech Science Foundation junior project Extremal Graph Theory and Applications