Visegrad Small grant

Deadline: Tuesday 1.3.2016 (yearly 1. March, 1. June, 1. September, 1. December)

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Expected length of the project: 50 workdays within max 6 months

Eligible expenses:
1. Printing and publishing/Delivery of printed/published materials
2. Rent of premises and related technical services
3. Fees for artists/Copyrights
4. Fees for experts
5. Accommodation and board
6. Transportation costs
7. Translations and interpreting costs
8. Awards and prizes
9. Office supplies/Consumption and promotional material/Entrance fees
10. Public relations costs (advertising, promotion)
11. Website design and update
13. Overhead costs: max. 15% of the granted sum (see point 12 in paragraph 6.4)

Team: For individuals or institutions

Internationality: Should link individuals or institutions from at least 3 countries from V4 (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).
Applicants are, however, strongly encouraged to involve project partners from all four V4 countries.

Eligeability: From the V4 countries

Rules, Guidelines

Other info: Covers up to 80% of costs (the remaining 20% can be covered by non-financial contributions), max. budget is 6,000 euros