I am a researcher in Mathematical Logic. I obtained the PhD in Pure and Applied Logic in 2016. My doctoral dissertation received the Prize for the Best PhD Thesis in Logic, awarded by the University of Barcelona. Since 2016 I am a postdoc fellow at the Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences, where I received the prize for Outstanding Scientific Work for young scientists.

My main interests focus on the study of semantics for propositional and first order logics from a general point of view. For this reason, my research falls under the umbrellas of Abstract Algebraic Logic (which provides a general approach to algebraic semantics) and of Duality Theory (which provides a similar path to relational semantics). My research in these strictly related areas led me to investigate their connections with Universal Algebra, Category Theory, Computability and Complexity Theory, and Substructural Logics.

Together with J.G. Raftery, I am currently supervising the PhD student J. Wannenburg from the University of Pretoria.

My main collaborations are with the Mathematical Logic Group in Barcelona (Spain), which includes R. Jansana and J.M. Font, with the Non-classical Logic Group in Prague (Czech Republic), which includes P. Cintula, and with J.G. Raftery.